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Annoucement May 30, 2023

Phillips Graduate University on Xuewe Issue 
— instructions and solutions for officially registered students
PGU Master's Program in Mainland China Overview:
I: Project description:
1: China's in-service master's program: Students apply in mainland China to study and complete the study process until graduation;
Organization of classes in mainland China or commissioning of university teachers from mainland China to jointly run the course, submit a degree thesis and issue a master's degree certificate of PGU;
3: Every year can arrange for students to visit the United States to study, how long each visit time and relevant details and other specific conditions, PGU must meet all the perfect conditions of travel can arrange this study plan;
II: With regard to the curriculum and teaching plan:
1: The curriculum of the project is set in accordance with the syllabus of the main school project;
2: The special course on the project according to the demand situation of the Chinese mainland market;
3: In-service master's program:
(1) Each specialization is organized in 8-9 basic courses, the total course not more than 12, the duration of one course is about 12 hours;
(2) additional time for other subjects;
3) to assist in arranging business visits to do one of the practical teachings;
4: All majors and elective courses, including the quality of the student's completed assignments, are credited to credit accumulation;
5: Master's degree requires 36 credits:
Students take 3 credits for completing the assignment test for each course, and the thesis assessment passes 3 credits. All students are required to complete 36 credits and receive a complete 36 credits score report. Graduation;
III: With regard to the teaching model:
1: American professors in the United States, live online or recorded teaching;
2: Inviting American professors to teach in China;
3: Chinese professors in China, live/recorded online/ off-line teaching;
IV: With regard to the language of instruction:
American professors teach in English;
Chinese professors teach in Chinese;
V: About the Chinese faculty and teaching team:
1: The Chinese professor's curriculum vitae employed PGU responsible for the examination of teaching qualifications and certification;
2: The pool of teachers to select a list of teaching professors suitable for the teaching qualifications of PGU;
VI: With regard to admission criteria (the following two items, inclusive, must be met):
1: College or equivalent;
2: Undergraduate or equivalent;
3: Minimum of three years (including three years) of work experience;
VII. Languages used for writing graduation thesis:
1: A thesis written in Chinese is acceptable;
2: The master's degree thesis shall be translated into English and submitted with the Chinese language thesis;
VIII: Advising and mentoring the graduation thesis:
1: Arrange mentors for students, select the scope of tutors for the school's certified teachers;
2: If the student needs a foreign instructor, he or she must be fluent in English reading, speaking and writing and pay the corresponding hourly rate and other fees;
The school can coordinate the provision of guidance by a foreign teacher or arrange guidance teacher according to the situation of Chinese students;
Mentors guide students according to the school's thesis guidance document;
IX: With regard to graduation criteria:
1: Attendance of more than 80 percent of the class sessions;
2: Complete all courses and assignments;
3: Writing a thesis or graduation plan:
4: No thesis defense is required for master's programs;
X: With regard to transcripts, degree certificates and the award of:
1: Degree Certificate: The degree certificate is physically stamped with the PGU's concave steel seal;
2: Students who successfully complete their studies in accordance with the requirements of the school are awarded the same master's degree certificate and transcript (except personal information of the student) as the students of the school;
XI: About the Graduation Ceremony:
1: Time: US Graduation Season: 5.6.  July  for Spring Graduation per year; Graduates at the end of December  in the fall each year;
2: Location:
(1) Mainland China or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;
(2) United States, participating students must determine that their passport and U.S. visa are valid for the period of validity and have no criminal record, etc., do not comply with the relevant rules of the United States entry regulations;
(3) The school has the right not to arrange the holding of the event at the PGU school headquarters, but to arrange the holding of an auditorium near the school which is suitable for the holding of the ceremony;
(4) can be held together with other students of the school, or separately;
3: Participants:
Participation is organized on a voluntary basis, and may be postponed or agreed upon at that time, depending on the actual situation, if the minimum number is not met;
(1) held in mainland China with no less than 40 participants;
(2) Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with not less than 20 participants;
3) to the United States, with no less than 20 participants;
4: Other participants:
Students in graduation season;
(2) The family members of the graduated student;
(3) relevant leaders and professors of the school;
(4) the host invited guests;
(5) relevant staff of the organizer;
5: Cost and Structure:
(1) The graduation ceremony is organized by PGU:
A: The one-day program includes a half-day lecture, a message from leaders and professors' representatives, and a photo shoot of students' professors in their graduation dress;
B: Additional charges will be required if other additional items are arranged;
2) Students who attend graduation ceremonies in the United States are responsible for all costs involved:
A: Visa to the United States;
B: International round-trip air tickets for students;
C: Insurance for food and lodging in the United States and travel to the United States;
D: Rental of dresses, self-service receptions, etc.;

PGU Student Process Steps
Step 1: Application and Review:
Submit all application documents to
Note: The important information required to register a student on the website contains, but is not limited to, the following:
1: The first page of the student's passport during the student's validity period;
2: The e-mail address for the student application form must be a regular and well-functioning e-mail;
3: Student statistics files need to contain the student's English name:
Step 2:PGU issue invoice:
The PGU issues to the student (proof of payment for application fees and tuition fees to be remitted to the PGU account, excluding the fee for the outgoing payment);
Step 3: Payment of fees:
The student submits the remittance voucher, real-time exchange rate settlement voucher and other remittance voucher, and both parties check for confirmation;
Step 4: Registration:
1: After the school financial check confirms receipt of the payment, PGU school official website 15 working days to complete the registration of the student's student's registration file;
2: Students follow the email link prompt received, ask students to check their application registration mailbox in time and confirm;
Step 5: Issue the letter of admission:
The school delivers the student's paper copy stamped admission letter;
Step 6: Successful Graduation:
The degree certificates and transcripts delivered by the school to the students;
Step 7: Document delivery;
The school sends international courier or domestic courier;
Note: International courier fees are paid by students; Domestic courier arrangements for Shunfeng or to reverse payment to the address on the student application form;
Step 8: Participation in graduation ceremonies;


PGU instructions and solutions for registered 62 Master student

I: The following three students have not contacted our school so far:
(See Chinese section)
II: No certificate has been received so far: The transfer of the former teacher Feng Xuewe is as follows:
1: Number of copies sent: 63;
2: Name of document sent: Master's degree certificate;
3: Method of sending: The original Xuewe class directors are sent to the local class directors, the local class directors are sending to their own students or responsible sales personnel;
4: 2023.3.5 PGU Teacher Wang and Teacher Feng settle the delivery fee 122 yuan: With certificate;
5: The statistics of the Kotsune Jirong did not receive the Master's degree certificate:
Note: PGU is committed to taking care of the matter:
1: The whereabouts of the certificate cannot be traced, PGU will publicly announce that the original certificate is invalid, promise to the lost students to send a replacement or mail free of charge;
2: Records on file:
1) 2023.5.4PGU Teacher Wang has informed the students to contact their own head of class first, and has sent "Name of head of school and responsible student statistics" to PGU registered student group;
2) Contact teacher Feng to help further determine whether all class directors have sent out certificates, so far there has been no follow-up reply;
(3) PGU Teacher Wang joined the group of former school director teachers in different places, the follow-up will contact the school director separately to check, further verify the whereabouts of the sent certificate and ensure that the certificate is returned to the PGU master graduate students;
4) Job Completion Node:
The graduation period of 62 master's students and before the graduation ceremony in the second half of 2023;
III: PGU has registered 65 master students of the Xuewe APP online learning account has been opened;
1: Students to send the problems encountered to the student's email address:, write clear name, professional, encountered problem description and screenshots;
2: PGU Teacher Wang asked Penlin classmates to sort out the problem and deliver it together, PGU Teacher Wang and Xuewe's client director Yin to agree on a one-time negotiation to resolve;
3: PGU teacher Wang will communicate with the students at different time periods, statistics related learning data and all problems related to online learning account abnormal negotiation and resolution;
4: For the three students cannot be contacted
PGU Teacher Wang has sent an SMS and email to notify the above three students of the progress of their study and the opening of the account reminder to follow up the study;
IV: PGU has registered the first to fourth batch: Master student-specific statistics are as follows:
(See Chinese Section)
V: The graduates of the 62 Master's degree students mentioned above are delivered as follows:
PGU Responsibilities to Students:
1: Advise and approve student work;
2: Issue transcript;
3: Guidance for students in their thesis and evaluation;
4: Xuewe unrecorded course delivered by PGU to students;
1) 62 students who have completed the course of the Xuewe App: PGU charges a tuition fee of 5:1-2:
Based on a credit of RMB100, 36 credits totaling RMB3600 per person (capital: 3,000 yuan), conversion into US$ fixed fee amount: US$515 per person;
(2) 62 students to attend the fifth: 3.4:), the course cost of an additional class is 1755 yuan per person (capital: One hundred and seven hundred thousand five thousand five thousand yuan), the conversion into United States dollars fixed fee amount: 250 US dollars per person;
3) on V: 3.4:) according to the delivery of PGU learning data and VI; ) As a reference basis, PGU fully respects the principle of the student's voluntary decision whether to participate for a fee 3.4); Different grades for different students of different choice;
4) Payment Method:
Mode 1: PGU students remit $1000 or more (excluding $1000 USD) to settle the tuition account as follows:
Phillips Graduate University
Chase Bank (USA)
SWIFT code is CHASUS33
Account number 508822688
Routing number 322271627
Bank address: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
P O Box 182051  Columbus, OH 43218 – 2051
Note: The student chooses this method of remittance, PGU Finance needs to invoice the student;

Mode 2: PGU students remit $1,000/ less (inclusive of $1,000 USD) to the receiving account as follows:
PAYPAL email
Note; Please send out the payment to confirm full arrival, please refer to the fixed exchange rate ✖ to pay the above amount with 7 + 3% handling fee;
VI: The PGU requirements for the delivery of students' transcripts are set out in the following rules under the general rules mentioned above:
Based on the learning data delivered by Xuewe, the job status is displayed as "Not Uploaded":
1) The students working on the line do not submit their work online, can organize their work (each lesson to submit a 500-word report on their experience) to establish a compressed package file to submit to our school;
2) The student work for the end of the line is not submitted online, can provide the learning record and proof of the class, possible proof include notes, course work, 500 words of report of the experience, Screenshot of the video or any of the items in the final exam of the transcript;
3) Please comply with the following requirements 7: 4) 5) 6) submit the operation and relevant information;
2: PGU provides a statistical form for all professional program set up, please cooperate to provide your own study record including the specific time of the course taken, please have registered Master student  June 15  cooperate to complete the study process survey and sign off confirmation;
3: Professor PGU based on the study data delivered by Xuewe, based on the student's work status and assessment of the test scores and the additional assignments, in accordance with the American university's score report rules, after comprehensive consideration of the student's scores and issued a score report;
VII: With regard to the preparation of a graduation thesis and the time of graduation, the following additional requirements are observed under the above-mentioned general rules:
1: MBA and EMBA:
The MBA program at American universities does not require students to write a graduation thesis and find a practical problem to solve;
PGU offers MBA/EMBA students the option to complete their studies and credit in one of three ways:
1) Writing a diploma thesis (3 credits);
(2) Take one more course (3 credits);
(3) Graduation plan: Find a practical problem at work to do the solution (3 credits);
2: The student papers must be submitted in English, accompanied by the Chinese papers;
The student has been informed of the writing requirements for the master's thesis and the opening report;
4: all reports and thesis should be submitted in PDF format;
5: title of the file should be “Title and students full name”;
6: Jobs and papers to email:;
7: Graduation time requirements: Before  December 1, 2023, the above 62 students need to complete the online course and the PGU delivery course;
VIII: PGU academic arrangements for off-line and on-line students:
1: Line-to-work students: After the online course of the Xuewe App and PGU delivery course, can complete the study into the graduation process;
2: Off-line students: Arrange for off-line master students to participate in the Zoom live program in the United States;
3: Off-line:
(1) PGU committed to ending  December 31, 2023 by arranging not less than two days of offline courses and organizing no less than one offline forum/exchange/corporate visits/research networking activities;
2) free or paid trial depending on the specific arrangement;
IX: For the graduation ceremony of the 62 registered Master's degree students, the following arrangements are tentative:
1: PGU American professor:2 days
2: PGU administrator 1 day
3: The leader of the school and the guest speaker of the professor gave a message, and students professors wore graduation dress for group photo;

学威事件影响下的Phillips Graduate University已注册硕士学生—善后说明及解决方案
Phillips Graduate University 中文直译:菲利普斯研究大学,以下简称:PGU
2: 在中国大陆组织开班或委托中国大陆地区的大学师资联合办学,提交学位论文,颁发PGU的硕士学位证书;
5: 硕士项目共计36学分:
3: 中国教授在中国,采取线上直播/录播的方式/线下班开课的方式授课;
1: 美国教授采用英文授课;
2: 中国教授采用中文授课;
1: 中国在职硕士学生可以用中文撰写;
2: 硕士学生的毕业论文均需翻译成英文版提交,并附中文版论文;
3: 校方可统筹安排一名外籍老师辅导或根据中国学生情况安排辅导老师;
4: 导师依据校方的毕业论文指导文件辅导学生;
1: 学位证书:学位证书实物盖有PGU的凹凸钢印章;
2: 按照学校要求顺利完成学业的学生,被授予同本校学生相同的硕士学位证书及成绩单(除学生个人信息);
1: 举办时间:
2: 举办地点:
3: 参加人数:
4: 参加人员构成:
5: 举办费用:


3:学生的统计文件需包含学生的英文名字:例如张三:San Zhang (中间一个空格键);
1:学校财务核对确认收到款项后, PGU校方官网15个工作日完成学生的学籍档案注册;2:学生按照所收到的邮件链接提示操作,请学生及时查收自己的申请注册邮箱并确认;

4:2023.3.5 PGU王老师与冯老师结算快递费122元:
5: 群内接龙没有收到硕士学位证书的统计:

  1. 朱某燕-心理学硕士
  2. 王某静-心理学硕士
  3. 崔某伟-心理学硕士
  4. 张某薇-心理学硕士
  5. 张某彦-心理学硕士
  6. 孙某迷-心理学硕士
  7. 谢某-  MBA
  8. 刘某-  心理学硕士
  9. 何某-  心理学硕士
  10. 胡某媛-心理学硕士
  11. 郑某梅-心理学硕士
  12. 黄某-  MBA
  13. 许某羽-心理学硕士
  14. 胡某蕊-心理学硕士
  15. 李某-  心理学硕士
  16. 李某健-心理学硕士
  17. 季某菲-心理学硕士
  18. 任某-  心理学硕士
  19. 黄某慧-心理学硕士

1: 实在追查不到证书的下落,PGU会公示原证书作废,承诺给丢失的学生免费补发或邮寄;
2: 跟踪解决记录:
2:  PGU王老师请彭琳同学归类整理问题后一并交付,PGU王老师与学威的客户总监殷老师约定一次性交涉解决;
3: PGU王老师接下来会在不同的时间段与各位同学沟通,具体统计相关学习数据及关于线上学习账号不正常的所有问题交涉和解决;
4: 关于失联3名学生:👆此处略;
1: 心理学硕士线下班:25名(减去张某怡)=24名;
2: 心理学硕士线上班:24名;
3: MBA线下班:5名(减去朱某)=4名
4: MBA线上班:7名;
2: 统计出具成绩单;
3: 指导学生的毕业论文和评审;
4: 学威未录制拍摄的课程由PGU提供交付学生;
甲方学校账户:Phillips Graduate University
              Chase Bank (USA)
              SWIFT code is CHASUS33
              Account number 508822688
              Routing number 322271627
              开户银行地址:JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
P O Box 182051  Columbus, OH 43218 – 2051
2: PGU提供所有专业课程设置的统计表格,请配合填写提供自己上课的学习记录包括所修课程的具体时间,请已注册硕士学生6月15日之前配合完成学习过程的调查并签字确认;
3: PGU教授以学威交付的学习数据为基础依据,参照学生的作业状态及测验得分评估及补交的作业,按照美国大学的成绩单打分规则综合考虑后给学生各科打分和出具成绩单;
1: 关于MBA和EMBA学生:
2: 学生论文需提交英文版本,一并附上中文版论文;
3: 硕士论文的写作要求及开题报告已通知学生;
4: 学生提交文件格式为PDF;
5: 统计作业的文件名:姓名➕文章的主题;
6: 作业及论文请发至;
7: 毕业时间要求:2023年12月1日前,上述62名学生需修完学威的线上课程及PGU交付课程;
1: 线上班学生:修完学威App的线上课程及PGU交付课程,即可完成学业进入毕业流程;
2: 线下班学生:安排线下班硕士学生参加美国的Zoom直播课程;
3: 线下班学生:
1: PGU美国教授线下授课:2天
2: PGU校方领导:半天的授课;
3: 校方领导及教授代表嘉宾致祝词,学生教授们穿毕业礼服合影拍照;



Because of the sudden closure of Shanghai Xuewe International Business Research Institute ( PGU has canceled our partnership with Xuewe. For further information, please contact our international program at


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